HTML5 & CS3 all in one for Dummies 3rd Edition – Andy Harris

You’ll find out exactly how the web works in this book. You’ll figure out how
to use various tools, but, more importantly, you’ll create your piece of the
web. You’ll discover:

How web pages are created:
You’ll figure out the basic structure of web
pages. You’ll understand the structure well because you build pages
yourself. No mysteries here.

How to separate content and style:
You’ll understand the foundation
of modern thinking about the Internet — that style should be separate
from content.

How to use web standards:
The web is pretty messy, but, finally, some
standards have arisen from the confusion. You’ll discover how these
standards work and how you can use them.

How to create great-looking web pages:
Of course, you want a terrific-
looking website. With this book, you’ll find out how to use layout, style,
color, and images.

How to build modern layouts:
Many web pages feature columns, menus,
and other fancy features. You’ll figure out how to build all these things.

How to add interactivity:
Adding forms to your pages, validating form
data, and creating animations are all possible with the JavaScript language