General Supplies

Beninda Dot Com is one of the nation’s leading distributors / Suppliers of ICT Equipment & Accessories, Cleaning Materials, Chemicals, Paper Products, Equipment and Construction and Road Works/materials and other general products.

For the past 10 years, Beninda has provided an extensive range of innovative products and services catering for the Professional, Commercial, Industrial and the Domestic firms both in Public and Private Sector.

Our long established client base reads as the industry who’s who.

Individual client expenditure with Beninda ranges from Ksh. 30M+ Per Annum to Ksh. 2m Per Month. This represents a diverse set of client requirements and service delivery processes.

Our success is primarily based on customizing client requirements to create true commercial value for the client. This fundamental principal drives high client loyalty and in turn focuses our joint attention towards:

  • Reducing Client Procurement Costs
  • Reducing Client Transaction Costs
  • Improving Client Labor Productivity
  • Improving Client/End User Relationships