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Workflow Management

Workflow Management

All processes happening in your organisation ranging from filling leave forms by your personnel to advanced HR requests, or simple to complex procurement orders and requests can be automated.

Our workflow management software features such as warnings, task assignments, document approval, status notification, messaging, delay warnings, reporting and triggers will help you shorten tasks’ completion periods saving you time and cost as well as ensuring the standard and complete running of business processes.

Just like the Workflow Management and Automation software, Dynamic Forms module is also one of the indispensable components of document management systems. Information can be populated through different channels from several types of forms including financial, quality, HR, purchase orders, and many others types of forms. Additionally, these forms can initiate and trigger workflows and tasks, be linked to menus as well as searched for and retrieved instantaneously.

Key Benefits

  • Shorten process queuing and completion time
  • Enhance decision making processes
  • Reduce the number of process stakeholders
  • Eliminate human errors
  • Improve internal communication channels
  • Increase tasks visibility and audit trail
  • Promote paperless and green practices